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The team at Britelite Immersive has been working with Sutter Health on the opening of two new hospitals in San Francisco. Along with the interactive work in progress, their CPMC Foundation felt the need for a digital invitation system for donors that simplified their event management efforts. This system would allow them to refocus their attention on more effective work within the hospital, and allow donors to quickly and efficiently manage their charitable event attendance.

Scope of Work

• Creative Concept Discovery

• Identity Design

• Digital Design (Sketch)

• Prototyping (InVision)

• Digital Production (Avocode)

• QC

Concept Discovery

Pastels were clearly in season during my initial research. I dug up a number of examples with pastel color blocks, layering, and transparency. Early standout visual solutions included split screen blocks, and playing with transitions that could animate between color and black and white.

Round 1

The pastel swipe inspired the first concept which featured one of the new hospitals color corrected and wrapped in the curves from the Sutter logo icon. While the team felt this first concept was strong, we decided to add one more concept to our first presentation. That second concept pulled away from the pastels and leaned more towards sophistication. Our goal was to invoke two emotions during our presentation: blissfulness and intimacy.

Device Frame
Device Frame

Getting the Flow Right

Beyond the visual look and feel that was developing, I took a deep dive into the initial flowchart and wireframes. The proposed user experience wasn’t feeling like it had momentum or supported the emotional visual story we were telling. This pushed me to rethink, simplify and propose a revised flow chart that supported the end user, the staff members, and our development hurdles.


Coming out of our first concept presentation, the Sutter team were unanimous with concept two to our delight and somewhat surprise. We felt quite confident with the first concept, but the further we progressed with the second concept – that confidence waned. Feeling energized, we went full steam ahead building out each breakpoint, working with our developers who were integrating the system with Eventbrite. To manage invitations and donors, we built a consistent staff portal for desktop and tablet to be used for on-site registration. Specifically, It was my main goal to build a beautiful and easy to use interface for donors and staff members.

Device Frame
Device Frame
Device Frame


Working with the Britelite team is unlike working with any other agency team. This project is yet another example of a great team with top-notch technical skills coming together to solve a pain point for a client. The CPMC Foundation team was delighted with this digital experience, so much that we often hear “You’ve done such a good job with this, can you also do this project?”

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