The Precipice

For the past year or so I have been on a mission to open my eyes further to the world around me, ask myself deep questions regarding key features of my eclectic life, and force my stubborn psyche to break through faux walls put in place at one time for protection. It’s as if I’m anthropologically analyzing the things by which I define myself.

In this year plus, I have been surprised and come to realize one big thing: “My Bullshit is Not their Bullshit”. I say this time an again to nearly everyone I have recently had a conversation with on the topic of relationships. Romantic and Platonic. There seems to be such an extreme amount of social assumptive analyzation done in Los Angeles that you pretty much talk yourself out of either going after what you want, go after it the wrong way, or barking up the wrong tree so long that you become blind to the obvious reality around you.

It was difficult to swallow the fact that blunt honesty, no matter how painful it may be to say it to others or myself, is the only path to maturescence. I had to throw away all my bullshit and lay it all out on the line. Damned be my job, my friends, or what my parents want for me. It’s about not settling into the status quo and becoming stagnant. Adventure may hurt but monotony will kill me.

I speak of these psychological manifestations because I have come to realize that the time has come to break into the next stage of my career. I can not have a future when I negate the importance of growth. This quest may take me away from my home, but it’s about going all in and trusting my gut.

And so I find myself on the precipice of exciting new endeavors, needing only a stiff breeze or lucky break. I vow to always be truthful, knowledgable, informed, and open minded.