Skillsets are important.
I’m a proud polymath.

As a formally trained strategist with a background in traditional print and digital design. I come to you with a broad and robust skill set gained from numerous industries. My favorite teams to work with are those that encourage their talent to always think strategically.


The Masters in Branding program taught me how to dig deep into what brands can mean and how to develop a cult following. That strategic thinking pushes me to develop truly successful solutions that have a sense of belonging.


I practice strategic design, that manifests as more research and discussion on the front than endless rounds at the end. Presenting emotional stories is a no-brainer as well as switching between print and digital.


Years of hacking WordPress sites taught me invaluable coding and tech skills. That knowledge guides every pixel I push in Sketch and every prototype node connected, while developers get to work with a tech-competent designer.


Owning a business is an incredible education, but scaling a large business is another story. The key to that is communication, flexibility, and patience as well as knowing that internal and external brand perception are equals.


I define strong leadership as the ability to define expectations vs reality efficiently and empathetically. Creativity flows when the team understands the what and why to deliver without endless late nights.


I believe you truly can’t call yourself a professional without supporting your professional organization. Since before I graduated from undergrad, I’ve been a member, conference attendee and occasional mentor.