Throughout the beauty industry, it’s common for products to boast high success rates that not necessarily based on fact. While working with Version-X, I had the opportunity to develop a prestige brand of skin-care products that we named Truactivs. This line was created by the chemists responsible for some of the markets most successful and profitable brands. We branded their dream of a performance-based line of products with the highest level of active ingredients on the market.

Scope of Work

• Competitive Research

• Design Research

• Creative Concept Discovery

• Identity Design

• Packaging Design

• Print Design

• Technical Consulting

• WordPress Design


• WooCommerce Buildout

• Client Training


For several years, our chemist client had tweaked and tested a modestly successful skincare brand, but the brands look and feel was far from prestige. To make the jump into high-end beauty, we needed to re-think their position, name, and design to focus more on the clinical science behind the products to validate the efficacy and develop a sense of trust.


Going into the first concept presentation, I was most inspired by Petri Dish Art and thinking about creating vibrant detailed artwork reminiscent of the biological ingredients in the products to wrap a box under a 3/4 sleeve. Our client was stoked, and this concept served as the basis for the final packaging look and feel.


Category Design

To differentiate product categories and build a cohesive story, I wrapped each underbox in a detailed image reminiscent of the ingredients within. Skincare featured a microscopic detail of the epidermis while haircare was the tiny fibers within phytoplankton. To further connect the story of the science lab involvement, each item was labeled with a formula number designed within a grid-like layout.

Mapping Content

With the strategy specifically based on the efficacy of the clinical studies, it was important to feature the active ingredients prominently throughout each of the executions. Those ingredients came with a significant amount of data that had to be presented coherently to build confidence in the consumer. For the packaging, we sourced icons for each active ingredient.


Truactivs was set to launch with 18 products, and we wanted the print catalog to closely represent the packaging design throughout all 56 pages. The cover featured the same blind emboss pattern as the boxes and chapters were styled with artwork screened over ingredients in their natural element. With a little more room to scale up information, I built table layouts to present key information from the ingredient clinical studies and topped it off with spot UV and silver ink.


Wrapping up the product launch with a digital e-commerce experience with a consistent look and feel became an opportunity to dynamically present the strategic underpinnings of the brand. We used AJAX to create an interactive ingredient menu and gave life to typically boring clinical study date with responsive grids, animated graphs and parallax.

Device Frame
Device Frame


Truactivs debuted at the 2015 Cosmoprof tradeshow in Las Vegas to a whirlwind of attention and energy. Huffington Post published an interview with the president of the brand and Tructivs settled into growing their newly minted prestige skin care line.

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