Jenny Beatty is a savvy and dynamic leader, driven to shift the paradigm on how we foster collaboration within cross-functional teams.

A futurist who is always two steps ahead, she’s an expert at navigating ambiguity and defying the boundaries of design and technology. With nearly two decades of experience as a designer and creative leader, she’s done all the things at both agencies and in-house—along the way forging a skillset that blends design, strategy, and engineering. She shines the brightest during the moments of radical collaboration—working together to build upon and push each other’s ideas. Jenny is the thread from nothing to over-delivering tech-forward experiences that evoke a sense of awe.

• Extensive experience in crafting and leading complex, immersive multimedia experiences.
• A captivating communicator devoted to proactive, culturally relevant work.
• Not only a mentor but also a people manager devoted to team-wide emotional well-being.


Growing up near Detroit makes me a solid Midwesterner. I call soda ‘pop’, love a sardonic sense of humor, and operate with an above-average percentage of resourcefulness and humility. I cut my teeth in LA, where I experimented with an endless amount of verticals and roles. Landed in NYC and spent a year earning a Masters at the School of Visual Arts under Debbie Millman. San Francisco is where I fell in love with tech and matured as a creative leader. Now based in PDX, when I’m not pitching or directing projects, I work on restoring my midcentury house and mentoring other designers.

Icebreaker: Ask me about bikes

Fueled by a sense of belonging and accomplishment, my love affair outside of work is cycling. In 10 years, I have ridden the mileage equivalent of 2 trips around the world and have a reputation for riding my bike to the AIGA Y-Conference in San Diego—from Los Angeles! From 540-mile charity rides to designing kits and commuting on my Brompton—cycling and its culture are a big part of my life.

At the


Good design triggers all of our senses and for a moment, makes us feel like we are the only one that matters. It anticipates needs, cuts through the noise, and doesn’t stop at the immediate goal. Good Creative Directors know that they alone are not the answer, and great work takes a team committed to defying the boundaries of convention. I bring a transformational style of leadership, rooted in asking hard questions at the right moment—always through the lens of empathy. It’s coolness under pressure when navigating endless ambiguity, and oftentimes it’s taking a critical look at what stands in the way of everyone feeling successful.

The Living Wall was an interactive experience I created with my team as part of the multi-installation Van Ness Gala. To this day, it’s one of my favorite projects to talk about.


A truth about leadership is that no one gets there alone. I would be nothing if not for the teachings of others, seeking out feedback, persevering through big hard things, and looking within to consistently challenge myself to get better. Growth to me is remaining adaptable to new situations while reaching beyond my own assumptions and biases.

Digital Designer

Deep down I am a designer who is devoted to leveraging the potential of design and technology to deliver impactful, insights-driven experiences. I’ve created everything from complex figital installations to websites to campaigns and branded content. While the tactical challenges are evergreen—the passion to inspire remains.


Storytelling comes to me naturally. From structuring the narrative of a sales pitch to finding analogies that help motivate and provoke my audience—I know how to get my point across and gracefully defend great work. Those who have watched me present, know that I bring an emotive confident voice and words that captivate.


  • Digital Experience Design

  • Cross-functional Team Management

  • Physical (Navigating This Space) Digital

  • Efficient Figma-based Design Systems

  • Brand Campaigns & Strategy

  • Presenting Emotive/Effective Presentations




Since early 2021, I’ve been volunteering a few hours a week as a mentor to designers at ADPList. My mission is to de-mystify the creating hiring process and coach individuals about how to communicate the value they bring to the world of advertising. In two years—I’ve talked to hundreds of people around the world in 1:1 and group sessions. If you’re a creative leader reading this, I encourage you to sign up to mentor or help promote ADPList.

Public Speaking

It takes bravery to speak publicly on a stage, it’s not for everyone—but I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the speakers at countless AIGA conferences and local design events sharing their wisdom. Talking about my experiences publicly is one of the ways I give back to the design community that helped me grow. Most recently, I was invited to be interviewed on Julieth Fajardo’s podcast UX Untamed where I spoke about the intersection of conceptual design and UX.


I love really good coffee and bicycles.

Currently, I’m based in Portland, Oregon, and an Associate Creative Director at ocV!BE where I lead a cross-functional team of designers and engineers on the development of figital experience design projects. My virtual door is always open for a chat, mentor session, speaking engagement, or general venting.


“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.”
–Don Norman