I’m Jenny, and I’m a:



Skillsets are important.
I’m a proud polymath.

Throughout my 15-year career as a designer, strategist, and technology evangelist, I have had the privilege of creating emotionally impactful experiences for hundreds of brands across a variety of industries—solving complex business challenges. I thrive in smart tech-forward environments that highly value cross-collaboration and strategic thinking.


Design is my core competency while strategy and technology greatly influence my work.  With each project, I look for ways to push the boundaries of design and technology, approaching each deliverable with a proactive mindset.


The Masters in Branding program taught me how to dig deep, and since then I have leveraged my strategy training to develop truly successful solutions that draw people in and challenge how we interact with new media.


Hacking WordPress sites taught me invaluable coding and tech skills. That knowledge guides every pixel I push in Sketch and every prototype node connected, while developers get to work with a tech-competent designer.


Owning a business is an incredible education, but scaling a large business is another story. The key to that is communication, flexibility, and patience as well as knowing that internal and external brand perception are equals.


I define strong leadership as the ability to define expectations vs reality efficiently and empathetically. Creativity flows when the team understands the what and why to deliver without endless late nights.


I believe you truly can’t call yourself a professional without supporting your professional organization. Since before I graduated from undergrad, I’ve been a member, conference attendee and occasional mentor.


Awards &

Sometimes I submit stuff and talk shop in public.

Getting up to speak in front of peers and submitting work to creative shows have capped periods of immense personal growth, embracing that vulnerability has paid off and I’ve loved every minute.

Latest Awards


The work I do for Audi and the Best Buddies Challenge has caught the eye of the judges from numerous design award competitions.

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Last Speaking Engagement

In Feb 2017, I returned to my alma matter in Tucson to judge their annual Illustration and Design awards as well as speak to students about the design world.


I love really good coffee and bicycles.

Currently, I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area and available for new roles. I’d be happy to talk to you about ACD or CD roles suited for multidisciplinary creatives with a background in strategy, design, and tech.