006: Ramones



New York-based designer Mike Joyce, is the creator behind the poster redesign project called Swissted. Drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism, Mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers into International Typographic Style posters. Each design is set in lowercase Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk medium—not Helvetica. Joyce’s 2013 re-design is originally based on the “Ramones at Fender’s Ballroom” poster from 1986.

Featured Parts

• Rusted Chain

• Clean Chain


The choice to spoof a spoof is a testament to how much joy Mike Joyce’s work gives me as a designer. His idea to apply the principles of Swiss Modernism to gig posters is a prime example of how to take a concept and simplify it to its core elements—this too is a fundamental action of design and branding.

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