014: Eye Bee M

Eye Bee M


Paul Rand was an American graphic designer most widely known for his iconic corporate identities—many of which are still in use today. In addition to IBM, his work includes the identities for AIGA, UPS, Education First, Westinghouse, and ABC. Beyond the iconic works he left behind, Paul Rand is well known for proving to corporate American in the ’50s and ’60s that design was an effective tool worth the investment. He inadvertently laid the groundwork for generations of designers to come. In 1956 he created the IBM logo, which was not just an identity but a basic design philosophy that permeated corporate consciousness and public awareness. This reinterpretation is based on the well known “Eye-Bee-M” corporate communications poster designed by Rand in 1981. Although his logos may be interpreted as simplistic, Rand was quick to point out that “ideas do not need to be esoteric to be original or exciting.”

Side Story

On a more personal note, I am a graphic designer today because of Paul Rand’s influence. His philosophy to design closely mirrors how I approach the work that I do—and often without knowing it, I’ve recited his philosophies on countless projects. I firmly believe that work does not need to be original to be exciting.

Featured Parts

• Chainrings

• Rear Cassette

• Derailleur Cable End Caps

• Reflectors

• Brake Bolts

• Lock Rings

• Pulley Cages

• Chain

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