023: Weezer



The Flying =W= is an iconic Weezer logo designed by band drummer Patrick Wilson during the making of Weezer’s third demo when he and unofficial fifth bandmember Karl Koch were ‘drawing’ by dispersing fuzz that had collected on the studio walls. They found it amusing, and Koch reproduced the logo onto the back of lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s jacket using the engineer’s labeling tape. Supposedly, Cuomo wore it around LA until the tape fell off. It is a simultaneous homage and spoof of Van Halen’s classic logo, which featured ‘wings’ protruding from the band’s initials “VH”.

Side Story

Those who know me in real life, know that I am a Weezer Purist—out of all the albums in the world, I know every word to the Blue Album and distinctly remember buying my first Weezer album. So if you’re a fellow fan, we’ll get along well.

Featured Parts

• Brake Levers

• Pulley Cages

• Reflectors

• Rear Derailleurs

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