027: Detroit D

Detroit D


For those of us who hail from the City of Detroit, the Detroit D symbolizes home with this single glyph serving as a brand representing our collective sense of belonging. The history of the iconic Old English D has been traced back to 1830 when the Detroit Free Press adopted the font for its masthead and never looked back. But then the Tigers came along in and soon were donning the D on their uniforms where it has stayed since 1901. But, it wasn’t until 1968 after the riots that the old English D came to really symbolize the entire city, not just America’s pastime.

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Side Story

Detroit is my first home, where I was born, raised, and the place from which I have drawn so many of my mannerisms. It’s true, I point out where I grew up on my right hand to strangers. Detroit will always be calling me back, no matter where I currently reside.

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