030: X-Files



“I want to believe,” a core sentiment of the show The X-Files and its viewers, is a phrase that comes from an iconic item on the show: the UFO poster that hangs above the desk of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, everyone’s favorite socially isolated, orally fixated, paranoid insomniac alien chaser. When the show became a hit in the mid-’90s, this poster was found on the bedroom wall of every self-respecting X-Phile. It was a special link to the show and Mulder’s hopeful yet tortured conviction that the truth was out there, shrouded in conspiracy, waiting to be uncovered.

Featured Parts

• Chain

• Derailleur Cable

• Derailleur Cable End Caps

Side Story

At the time this was made, I was one of Debbie Millman’s graduate students at SVA in New York. This piece was chosen for Debbie—who is a major fan of The X-Files.

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