040: Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam


Gig Posters are one of my favorite forms of design, and Methane Studios is one of the best at creating well-executed conceptually sound poster designers. This poster was for Pearl Jam’s 2006 world tour to celebrate their eighth studio album. The album addresses the socio-political issues in the United States at the time with the War on Terror—as does the gig poster. Methane Studios has said the goal with their work is to always tell a story, convey a message, and make someone stop and think a little with our designs. I’d like to think this parody is about eating gears for breakfast while training for that next big ride.

Featured Parts

• Chain

• Reflectors

• Pulley Cage

• Cogs

• Derailleur Cable

• Cable End Caps

• Brake Bolts

• Lock Rings

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