052: Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands


Edward is the creation of an eccentric and old-fashioned inventor who looks human but was left with scissors in the place of hands due to the untimely death of his creator. Edward Scissorhands is considered one of Tim Burton’s best movies, with Burton stating that this is his most personal and meaningful film because it’s a representation of him not being able to communicate effectively with others as a teenager.

Featured Parts

• Chain
• Chainrings
• Derailleur Cable
• Cable End Caps
• Spoke Guard
• Crankset
• Cassette
• Reflectors
• Bottom Bracket
• Bar End Plug
• Brake Levers
• Spokes
• Brake Pads

• Pulleys
• Rear Derailleurs
• Pedal Wrench
• Bike Pump
• Chain Breaker
• Chain Whip
• CO2 Cracker
• CO2 Cartridges
• Skewers
• Basket Supports
• Gear Shifter
• Valve Stems
• Spring

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