Tron (1982)
Original poster copyright owned by Buena Vista Pictures

Tron was one of the first movies to make extensive use of any form of computer animation, and is celebrated as a milestone in the industry. Because the technology to combine computer animation and live action did not exist at the time, these sequences were interspersed with the filmed characters. The computer used had only 2MB of memory, with a disc that had no more than 330MB of storage.

Most of the scenes, backgrounds, and visual effects in the film were created using more traditional techniques and a unique process known as “backlit animation.” In this process, live-action scenes inside the computer world were filmed in black-and-white on an entirely black set, printed on large format Kodalith high-contrast film, then colored with photographic and rotoscopic techniques to give them a “technological” appearance.

Syd Mead, of Blade Runner fame, designed the film’s logo. The original ‘Program’ character design was inspired by Lisberger Studios’ logo of a glowing bodybuilder hurling two discs.Due to its difficulty and cost, this process of back-lit animation was not repeated for another feature film. (source: Wikipedia)

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