037: One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three


Saul Bass was an American graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker, best known for his design of motion-picture title sequences, film posters, and corporate logos. Before anyone in the film industry, Bass recognized the importance of a movie’s first moments. He invented the idea of titling movies—with highly symbolic sequences that served to unify and drive entire marketing and advertising campaigns. This poster for the 1961 comedy One, Two, Three is about a high-ranking executive in the Coca-Cola Company, assigned to West Berlin who is given the unenviable task of taking care of his boss’s socialite daughter who is secretly married to an East German Communist.

Featured Parts

• Chain

• Brake Pads

• Pulley Gear Works

• Derailleur Cable

• Lock Rings

• Chain Rings

• Spoke Protector.

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