One, Two, Three (1961)
Original poster design by Saul Bass

One, Two, Three is a 1961 American comedy written and directed by Billy Wilder. Based on the 1929 Hungarian one-act play Egy, kettő, három by Ferenc Molnár, the film is primarily set in West Berlin during the Cold War. “Mac” MacNamara, played by James Cagney, is a high-ranking executive in the Coca-Cola Company, assigned to West Berlin but angling to become head of Western European Coca-Cola Operations, based in London.

The plot takes a twist when Mac is given the unenviable task of taking care of his bosses socialite daughter, who will be in Berlin for a few days, but shows up already secretly married to an East German Communist with whom she plans to run away to Moscow. In the end, Mac gets a better promotion stateside. While celebrating with his family at the airport, he offers to buy them Cokes. Ironically, after handing out the bottles to his family, he discovers that the final bottle he takes for himself is actually Pepsi-Cola. (source: Wikipedia)

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