038: Star Trek NCC-1701

Star Trek NCC-1701


Culturally speaking, Star Trek’s impact over the past six decades since its premiere in 1965 goes far beyond longevity and profitability—it birthed an entire subculture and was one of the first shows to confront contemporary cultural realities like racism, sexism, and authoritarianism. Designer Matt Jefferies, who was a mechanical artist and set designer, is the mind behind the original NCC-1701 Enterprise. The “1701” is in reference to the chosen model being his 17th cruiser design. The impact was so great, that decades later when the space shuttle program was in its infancy—the first shuttle was named after the Enterprise instead of being named the Constitution.

Featured Parts

• Chain

• Bottom Bracket

• Rear Cassette

• Reflector

• Brake Levers,

• Pulley Cage

• Derailleur End Caps

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