Star Trek: NCC-1701 (1965)
Original spaceship design by Matt Jefferies

Star Trek art director Matt Jefferies was the primary designer of the original Enterprise, who was an aviation and mechanical artist, set designer and writer. The ship’s “NCC-1701” registry number stems from “NC” being one of the international registration codes assigned to aircraft in the United States; the second “C” was added for differentiation. According to The Making of Star Trek, “NCC” is the Starfleet abbreviation for “Naval Construction Contract. The “1701” comes from Jefferies’ own sketches where the Enterprise we know and love was his 17th cruiser design with the first serial number of that series: 1701.

The cultural impact of the Enterprise has been monumental over the years. So much so that a write-in campaign led to the first space shuttle being named Enterprise rather than Constitution. Virgin Galactic also named its first commercial spaceship the VSS Enterprise in honor of the Star Trek vessel. (source: Wikipedia)

Parts Used: Chain, Bottom Bracket, Rear Cassette, Reflector, Brake Levers, Pulley Cage, Derailleur End Caps






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