Bike to Work (2012)
Original poster design by Peter Horjus

May is national bike month, where a lot of cities celebrate with Bike-to-Work days around the country. As a bike commuter, the excuses we make for not riding our bikes to work are often not excuses at all but rather easy to overcome fears. When 51% of American commutes are less than 10 miles, and with the rising cost of transportation costs – biking to work is not only a sensible and healthy alternative, but plain common sense. (source: Commute Statistics)

Illustrator and designer Peter Horjus from Santa Barbara, California was hired by in 2012 to design some t-shirts for bike to work day. He started doodling with lines, circles and loops with two different pen sizes. Peter thought that a lumberjack, already a tough grueling job, if he could ride his bike to work with his heavy axe – we all can ride our bikes to work without an excuse.  Being very conscious of positive/negative space as he was inking – the design evolved a couple hours later. (source: Peter Horjus)

Parts Used: Chain, Derailleur Cable, Derailleur Cable End Caps, Brake Bolts, Cogs, V-Brake Cable Guide






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