Jaws (1975)
Original Key Art design by Roger Kastel

A girl named Chrissie Watkins leaves a beach party at dusk on Amity Island and goes skinny dipping. While swimming out near a buoy, she is seized by something from below; it thrashes her around and drags her underwater. The iconic opening scene of Jaws is burned into the memories of the millions, as well as the equally iconic line “smile you son of a BITCH” said by Brody just before he blows up the Great White shark responsible for terrorizing Amity Island.

Jaws is based off a novel by the same name written by Peter Benchley, and published by Bantam. The poster image featuring the shark approaching a lone female swimmer was based on the paperback’s cover, and had the same artist, Bantam employee Roger Kastel.The Seiniger Advertising agency spent six months designing the poster; principal Tony Seiniger explained that “no matter what we did, it didn’t look scary enough”. Seiniger ultimately decided that “you had to actually go underneath the shark so you could see his teeth.” (source: Wikipedia)

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