049: American Dream

American Dream


Alejandro Magallanes is a Mexico City-based designer whose work has been published in numerous design books, journals, and exhibitions around the world. This piece from 2001 called “Behind the American Dream” is a direct commentary on the myth behind the act of achieving the American dream. Mickey Mouse is a universal symbol to everyone around the world, but in reality, he is still a rodent. The idea of the American Dream is something we have grown up hearing, reaching adulthood with the expectation that we’ll secure work that pays a livable income—allowing us to buy a home and have a family. In reality, the path is not the perfect world we were sold—instead it can be a journey full of rats in smiley costumes.

Featured Parts

• Chain

• Reflectors

• Derailleur Cable End Caps

• Rear Cassettes

• Crankset

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