Behind the American Dream (2001)
Original poster design by Allejandro Magallanes

Alejandro Magallanes, born in Mexico City in 1971, studied graphic design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. His design work has been published in graphic design books, numerous international journals, and has been exhibited around the world. (source: Todo De Diseño)

“Behind the American Dream” is a direct commentary on a modern mythology. Mickey Mouse is a universal symbol to everyone around the world, but in reality he is still a rodent. Perhaps Alejandro is trying to say that the american dream is a falsehood, a goal that everyone chases whether they live in America or not. It’s a concept everyone grows up hearing, but in reality, the path to the supposed “American Dream” is not the perfect Disney-like world we imagine. Instead it can be a journey full of rats in smiley costumes.

Parts Used: Chain, Reflectors, Derailleur Cable End Caps, Rear Cassettes, Crankset







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