Foo Fighters: The Color and the Shape (1997)
Original album design by Jeffery Fey, Foo Fighters, Tommy Steele, George Mimnaugh, and Andy Engel

The Colour and the Shape is the second studio album by the Foo Fighters, released through Capitol Records on May 20, 1997. The record is the debut of the Foo Fighters as a group, as the band’s previous record was primarily recorded by frontman Dave Grohl as a demo. After the project ballooned and became an international success, the group convened for pre-production in the fall of 1996 and strived to create a full-fledged rock record, although the music press predicted another grunge offshoot.

Primarily inspired by Grohl’s divorce in 1996, the lyricism on the record is substantially more introspective and the music more developed. The album’s tracklisting was designed to resemble a therapy session, splitting the album between up-tempo tracks and ballads, reflecting conflicting emotions. Critics found the album a significant American rock release of the era, and it is now viewed as a seminal modern rock album. It was nominated for Grammy Award in 1998 for Best Rock Album.

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