Alice in Chains (1995)
Original album design by Jerry Cantrell

Production for Alice in Chains self-titled third studio album began in April 1995, at Bad Animal Studios in Seattle. Plagued with problems surrounding lead vocalists Layne Staley’s heroin addiction, it would be the last album with Staley before his death in 2002.

Lead guitarist, Jerry Cantrell, said in an interview around the release of the album, “Our music’s kind of about taking something ugly and making it beautiful.” The New York Times remarked that in contrast to the raw distortions associated with grunge, Alice in Chains’ sound was “cleanly delineated and meticulously layered.”

The album is referred to as the “Tripod” because Cantrell’s three-legged dog, Sunshine, was used for the cover art.  Bill Adams of Ground Control Magazine said “The signs that something is just not right appear everywhere both on and in Alice in Chains; the front cover features a photo of a three-legged dog (one too few) while the back cover presents a picture of a three-legged mandolinist (one too many). (source: Wikipedia)

As a kid in the mid 90’s, I remember my brother’s obsession with Alice in Chains. I have many memories of him teaching me how to drive in his 92′ Dodge Dakota Sport with this album blaring.

Parts Used: Chain, Brake Bolts, Derailleur Cable, Derailleur Cable End Caps






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