Detroit Red Wings (1932)
Original logo design by James E. Norris

On this day in 1997, June 7th,  the Detroit Red Wings broke a 42 year losing streak by winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. The win invigorated the City of Detroit, parades ensued and the fans had Stanley fever, but the win celebrations were cut short six days later when the limousine holding three teammates crashed. Vladimir Konstantinov was one of the NHL’s best defensemen at the time, Sergei Mnatsakanov was the team’s masseur, they survived but their injuries ended their careers. The follow year in 1998, the Detroit Red Wings came back to win the Stanley Cup again for back to back victories in honor of Vlad and Sergei.

The history of the Red Wings goes back nearly 100 years, with the team’s official founding in 1926 as the Detroit Cougars. In 1932, grain merchant James E. Norris bought the Detroit Cougars and promptly renamed them the Detroit Red Wings. Norris believed the new name would help the team curry favor with Detroit’s auto industry, and also wanted to pay homage to a hockey team for whom he had played earlier in the century, the Montreal Hockey Club—nicknamed the Winged Wheelers. He also designed the first logo for the Red Wings, which is more or less the same logo that is used today. (source: Wikipedia)

Since the founding of the Red Wings, Detroit has brought home 11 Stanley Cups wins. I grew up in Hockeytown and I’m not ashamed that my “Detroit” comes out whenever the Wings are playing.

Parts Used: Brompton Wheel, Chain, Reflectors, Brake Bolts






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