Saved By the Bell (1989)

Like many young girls of the 90’s, I was a Saved By the Bell superfan. After growing up and moving to Los Angeles, my fond memories of SBTB made for quite the moment when Mr. Belding got up on stage at Dimples, a karaoke bar in Burbank. Turns out he’s a karaoke fixture at Dimples. Besides SBTB playing a large role in my formative years, the Zack Morris aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar, has become an extremely accomplished road bike racer in LA, currently rated pro level Cat 1/2.

Saved by the Bell originated as an NBC pilot entitled Good Morning Miss Bliss, which was inspired by NBC president Brandon Tartikoff’s childhood teachers. NBC passed and the original series aired on the Disney Channel where the characters Zack Morris, Samuel “Screech” Powers, Lisa Turtle, and Mr Richard Belding all originated.

When the show was dropped by Disney after 13 episodes, the rights were acquired by NBC, which decided to revamp the series as Saved by the Bell. Executive Producer Peter Engel originally wanted the show to be called When the Bell Rings, but Tartikoff convinced him to go with the title Saved by the Bell. The show’s popularity on Saturday morning led NBC to shift from airing mainly cartoons to more live-action, teen-oriented shows.

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