Flag Day (June 14, 2014)
Detail Mashup of USA, Canada & Slovakia Flag

Origins have always played an important role in my life. In 2006, while studying abroad, I took a weekend trip to Slovakia, one my ancestral countries. In the early 1900’s, my maternal great-grandparents emigrated to Michigan from Zvolen, Slovakia. In Zvolen I was shocked to discover how similar some foods tasted to the traditional meals my family had prepared growing up.  From my Father’s side, comes the Canadian roots. A heritage that is much older and storied, dating back to the fur traders who came to Canada from France in the 17th century. For Flag day, I chose to represent the iconic details of the country flags representing my heritage.

The coat of arms of Slovakia consists of a shield, charged with a double cross standing on the middle peak of a mountain consisting of three peaks. The double cross is a symbol of its Christian faith and the hills represent three symbolic mountain ranges: Tatra, Fatra and Mátra. One of the modern interpretations of the double cross is that it represents Slovakia as an heir and guardian of Christian tradition, brought to the region by St. Cyril and St. Methodius, two missionaries from the Byzantine Empire.

The maple leaf has been used as a Canadian emblem since the 1700s. It was first used as a national symbol in 1868 when it appeared on the coat of arms of both Ontario and Quebec. The number of points on the modern maple leaf actually have no significance, and was designed for image fidelity under high wind conditions. The United States five-pointed star has origins in classical heraldry. 

Parts Used: Chain, Reflectors, Derailleur End Caps





068: Friday the 13th
070: Joy Division