074: Playtime



Jacques Tati was a French mime, filmmaker, and screenwriter whose nearly wordless comedy Playtime from 1967 is considered to be his most brilliant film. In Playtime, Tati’s character, M. Hulot, and a group of American tourists attempt to navigate a futuristic Paris constructed of straight lines, modernist glass and steel high-rise buildings, and cold, artificial furnishings. The film is a lasting testament to a modern age tiptoeing on the edge of oblivion. Polish designer Jerzy Flisak was a prominent satirical film poster illustrator at the time, known for his charmingly naive illustration style, eye for color, and most importantly his sense of humor.

Featured Parts

• Chain
• Chainrings
• Cable Guide
• Tire Levers
• Bar End Plug
• Skewer
• Patches
• Patch Glue
• Lock Keys
• Brake Pads
• CO2 Cartridges
• CO2 Cracker
• Reflectors

• Pedal
• Brake Levers
• Lockring
• Light Battery
• Head Lamp
• Tail Light
• Bike Computer
• Valve Stems
• Pulleys
• Rear Derailleurs
• 3-Way Wrench
• Bottom Bracket
• Bike Pump

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