Unilever (2004)
Original logo design by Wolff Olins

In what other logo can you find a fish, a palm tree, a bowl, particles and ice cream? That’s right, nowhere but on the Unilever logo. Unilever’s logo was designed to include 25 icons, each of which represents something important to the company. From a lock of hair symbolizing shampoo brands to a spoon, an ice cream, a jar, a tea leaf, a hand and much more, the little icons all have a meaning.

Unilever is big. 150 million times a day in 150 countries people choose to make Unilever brands part of their lives. But in the consumer goods industry, growth is hard. According to design agency Wolff Olins, Unilever decided that it was too diffuse, with too many brands, and with no unifying driver of growth. Unilever wanted to become a single-minded, idea-led growth business. (source: Under Consideration / Wolff Olins)

Why recreate the Unilever logo out of bike parts? Do I have a passionate connection to a Unilever shampoo? Not really, but this company effects hundreds of the brands we interact with on a daily basis. Unilever owns over 400 brands such as Axe, Dove, and Lipton. They are a major player in consumer packaged goods and I’m sure they own a brand or two that relates to cycling. This Hooptie is also a request from the amazing Armin Vit from Under Consideration – and I love how the result is a commentary to the many parts that go into making a bicycle.

Parts Used: A Lot








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