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The Cranberries: Bury the Hatchet (1999)
Original album design by Storm Thorgerson

Iconic graphic designers can be the unsung heroes whose work we worship, but remain unknown. Storm Thorgerson is an iconic album designer – maybe you remember this. Many of Storm Thorgerson’s designs are notable for their surreal elements. He often places objects out of their traditional contexts, especially with vast spaces around them, to give them an awkward appearance while highlighting their beauty.

I believe my very early design beginnings were fueled by the music of the Cranberries. Bury the Hatchet was their fourth album and came at a time when the band was coming off of a nearly 10 year high with platinum albums and singles. Hailing from Limerick, Ireland – the Cranberries fame took off when their demo tape featuring two singles “Linger” and “Dreams” earned the attention of both the UK press and record industry and sparked a bidding war between major British record labels. 

Parts Used: Chain, Derailleur Cable, Derailleur Cable End Caps, Vintage Brake Lever, Pulley Works, Cable Housing






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