Ghostbusters (1984)
Original No-Ghost sign designed by Michael C. Gross

Originally intended by Dan Aykroyd as a project for himself and fellow Saturday Night Live alumnus John Belushi, the film had a very different story during initial drafts. Aykroyd’s vision of “Ghostmashers” traveling through time, space and other dimensions to fight large ghosts was deemed financially impractical by director/producer Ivan Reitman.

At Reitman’s suggestion, Aykroyd and Harold Ramis gave the story a major overhaul, hammering out the final screenplay during a three-week stay in a Martha’s Vineyard bomb shelter in May–June 1982. They also initially wrote roles for Eddie Murphy and John Candy. However, neither Murphy nor Candy would commit to the project and Candy was replaced by Rick Moranis. Gozer was originally to appear in the form of Ivo Shandor, a slender, unremarkable man in a suit, played by Paul Reubens; but the role was played by Yugoslav model Slavitza Jovan.

The No-Ghost sign was designed by award winning designer Michael C. Gross, a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. His entertainment portfolio contains iconic posters such as Twins, Kindergarten Cop and Beethoven.

Parts Used: Chain, Brake Bolts, Derailleur End Caps, Rydesafe Reflective Bike Decals





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