099: Design is Everything

Design is Everything is Design


Doyald Young was one of the most influential design minds that impacted my career as a designer. It wasn’t his incredible talent as a type designer but instead his sweet genuine humble words that shifted how I approached this industry. In 2010, we met at the AIGA Y-Conference in San Diego where we shared two hours learning about each other’s lives. He listened and then re-lit my fire to pursue a graduate degree. My story is not unique because Doyald was that special. This poster was designed in 2012 by Josh Higgins and Jessica Hische to raise funds for a scholarship in Doyalds name. Design is everything in my life and everything is design. 100 Hoopties has been all about design and how it converges with my passion for cycling. It couldn’t be a more fitting poster to wrap up this project.

Featured Parts

• Chain

• Brake Bolts

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100: 100 Hoopties