RHCP: Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik (1991)
Original album design by tattoo artist Hanky Panky

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik was the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ fifth album and introduction into worldwide popularity and critical acclaim. Originally going under the band name of Tony Flow and the Majestic Masters of Mayhem, the band formed in Los Angeles by Fairfax High School classmates singer Anthony Kiedis, guitarist Hillel Slovak, bassist Flea and drummer Jack Irons.  Releasing their first album in 1984, the band shot to fame over the next five years. In 1988, Hillel Slovak died of a heroin overdose and Jack Irons quit, leaving the band in limbo until John Frusciante and Chad Smith joined in 1991 before sitting down to record Blood, Sugar, Sex Magik.

The band sought to record the album in an unconventional setting, believing it would enhance their creative output. Their manger suggested the mansion magician Harry Houdini once lived in, to which they agreed. The band decided that they would remain inside the mansion for the duration of recording, though Smith, convinced the location was haunted, and refused to stay.He instead, came each day by motorcycle.Frusciante agreed with Smith, and said “There are definitely ghosts in the house,” but unlike Smith, Frusciante felt they were “very friendly. We [the band] have nothing but warm vibes and happiness everywhere we go in this house.”

The album “tongue illustration” was illustrated by iconic dutch tattoo artist Hanky PankyAnthony Kiedis once described Hanky Panky as “an underground philosopher, artist, Hell’s Angels associate, booze hound, drug hound, girl hound, an absolute rapscallion of Dutch proportions.” (source: Wikipedia)

Parts Used: Chain, Reflectors







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